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Chef’s Course/¥5,000

Antipast/Cold Appetizer
Antipast/Second Cold Appetizer
Carne/Meat Entrée
Dolce/Dessert Plate
Cafe/After-meal Beverage


Appetizer Course ¥2,000
Enjoy this selection of five recommended appetizers.

Dry-cured Ham Plate (3 kinds / 5 kinds)

Cheese Plate ¥1,200
Olives in Homemade Marinade ¥500
Vegetables Slow-cooked with Tomatoes ¥500
Fish of the Day Carpaccio ¥1,200
Salad with Seasonal Vegetables ¥1,200
Bagna Càuda (Garlic and Anchovy Sauce) ¥1,300
Japanese Beef and Foie Gras Terrine ¥1,300
Thickly Sliced Grilled Beef Tongue, Salsa Verde flavored with Kabosu ¥1,500
Shrimp, Scallops, and Jumbo Mushrooms, Sautéed with Garum ¥1,600



Tomato and Basil Pomodoro ¥1,400
Puttanesca with Young Sardines, Anchovies, Capers, and Olives ¥1,500
Minato City’s Spiciest Pomodoro ¥1,500
Pasta Aglio, Olio e Peperoncino ¥2,000
Savory Shrimp Peperoncino ¥1,600
Peperoncino with Seafood and Seasonal Vegetables, Garnished with Botargo ¥1,700
Crema of Anchovies and Yellow Onions ¥1,500
Carbonara Made with Local Eggs ¥1,900
Japanese Beef Bolognese ¥1,800
Four-cheese Pumpkin Gnocchi ¥1,600


Pan-fried Seafood in Spot Prawn Sauce ¥2,200
Sautéed Fish of the Day in Oregano Tomato Sauce ¥1,900
Grilled Lamb ¥2,600
Japanese Black Beef Tagliata ¥2,800



Ice Cream (3 Flavors)
Melt-in-your-mouth Tiramisu
Seasonal Panna Cotta
Catalana Made with Local Eggs
Today’s Gelato
Affogato ¥600 each
Espresso ¥300
Coffee ¥450
Cappuccino ¥500
Tea ¥500

Digestifs also available.